About Us

wedding cakeBased in Princeton, NJ, Partyology is an event planning boutique specializing in weddings and special events that inspire and delight.  Ours is a personal, flexible approach to event planning allowing us to tailor each event to your every specification. As your partner in planning, we pride ourselves on personalizing every event , infusing you into every detail. Having planned events varying in scale and budget since 1998, our passion, attention to detail and commitment to our clients are what sets Partyology apart from other event planning agencies. Together, we will make your event POP!


Anita Misri – Event Planner

As a logistical mastermind, Anita has a natural ability to see all the individual pieces and create a beautifully finished puzzle.  Equipped with a passion for problem solving and a need to organize, Anita handles all aspects of event planning from the minute to the elaborate.

Her calm nature lets her clients feel at ease, able to sit back and enjoy their events.

Before planning events full time, Anita worked in Manhattan at Ralph Lauren, planning financial budgets, store launches and new product launches, while planning personal events on the side.

When she is not planning events, Anita enjoys baking, drawing, and taking pictures of her beautiful kids.


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