Planning the perfect Valentine’s Day date!

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Planning the perfect Valentines Day event is not as daunting as it may seem. It is one of those holidays that can put a lot of pressure on couples, but planning the perfect date is really as simple as 1,2,3!

  1. Know your partner! Don’t make reservations at a super fancy restaurant if your partner would much prefer to eat take-out on the couch. No one knows your date better then you do, so do not succumb to the peer pressure on Valentines Day. Doing what you guys like is what will guarantee it to be a special day.
  2. Be genuine. This one is really important. There is nothing less romantic then a generic valentine card or gift. If your partner likes flowers, roses aren’t the only pick. Be unique, choose orchids (love and beauty) or tulips (love and passion). If its roses they love, get them roses, but maybe pick a mix of red and white roses to symbolize unity or yellow with a red tip, symbolizing falling in love. If chocolate are the way to your sweet’s heart, buy them their favorite, even if it is a big bag of pretzel M&Ms. But here’s the clincher, whatever you do, explain yourself in a handwritten message. In this fast paced, tweet-filled world, taking the time to write out your feelings, shows your partner you have all the time in the world for them. Write a card, limrick, haiku, or just a note, but make it from the heart. Make it funny, make it serious, make it a series of clues in a treasure hunt, just make it sincere and you’ll be set for a special day.
  3. Memorable doesn’t have to mean expensive. Make the day something you both will always remember by doing something different. Maybe it’s a gag gift that will make her laugh, or a special gesture, like buying him his favorite movie to watch over a big bowl of popcorn. The important thing is to do something that will be remembered for many Valentine’s Days to come.


image[10]Simple Date Ideas

OK, now that you’ve figured out what needs to be done to plan the perfect valentines day, what are you going to do? Here are some great ideas Savvy Sugar to make your Valentines Day special!

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