Valentine’s Day is coming up !

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heartWhether you are planning a romantic evening, or a party for the neighbourhood kids, Valentine’s day can be a fun event.

It can get daunting in these busy moments to get all the planning done, so maybe we can help.

Perhaps you want flowers picked out and delivered, or a surprise party, or a romantic gesture you can’t do on your own. Or maybe you are just out of ideas and you’d like some. We can help.

Martha Stewart’s 3D cards

DIY Valentine’s Cards

From Martha Stewart (featured to the right) to Disney, there are all kinds of great ideas out there for creating your own personalized cards. Even the creation of the cards themselves can make for a fun night for your ladies night or for when you’ve got a bunch of kids looking for something to do. These are just a few of my favourites from the internet:

3D Cards ala Martha Stewart
Fun Cards with Treats from Disney

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