What we can do for you

All major milestones in life deserve a celebration! Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or baby shower, let us take the stress away so you can sit back and enjoy your special event. We work with you to personalize every event to make it truly unique down to last detail. Whether you want help planning your event or you want every detail planned for you, we customize each event to fit your every need and budget.

elephantFull Service Planning

Let us plan it start to finish! From the initial consulation to discuss your ideal day,budget,and theme, to vendor management, event coordination, scheduling, and full day-of services, we will work together every step of the way. We will be in constant contact, ensuring you’re involved in all decisions for your special day.



Partial Service Planningtablesetting

Let us help you where you need it. Sometimes you want to do a lot of planning yourself, but need an extra hand along the way. With our Partial Service Planning, we will coordinate and consult on any aspect you need, but allow you to take the lead. From the initial consultation we can determine where you want some help and customize our package from there.


cakeDay-Of Celebration Services

You’ve planned your event, but now you just want to sit back and enjoy it, without the stress of all the day-of coordinating, so, leave it to us! We will take care of all scheduling, coordinating and manage any hiccups along the way. We will have several meetings before the big day to ensure we know exactly how you want the day to go, and they you can just relax.




receptionYou want to plan your event, but just don’t know where to start. After an extensive consultation, we will prepare a detailed guide to help you confidently plan your event,


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